Dutrion Tablet 25 Count – 20-Gram

The 20-gram tablet is the perfect solution for water treatment tanks or larger volume water treatment. Our 20-gram jar includes 25 individually wrapped 20-gram tablets.

One 20-gram tablet treats more than 500 gallons (2,000L) of water at 1 ppm.

From $94.95

Benefits of Dutrion Tablet:
- Add one 20-gram tablet to water and it’s ready to use in 2 minutes
- Be prepared. With a long shelf life, the 25-count jar will be ready when you are.
- Affordable water treatment for off-grid, homesteading, camping, RV, backyard chickens, their friends and more

Also available in bulk case

Product # DIP-20S-25

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Individual Jar, Full Carton (8 Jars)

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