Dutrion Tablet 60 Count – 4-Gram

The 4-gram Dutrion Tablet is a quick, convenient Virucide when used with our 32 oz refillable spray bottle, as a water treatment, it rapidly sanitizes water.  How will you use Dutrion?

Dutrion Tablets are perfect for home and away. With the compact 4-gram tablets, you can take Virucidal Disinfection and Water Treatment wherever you go!

Order Dutrion Tablets now for your next at home, camping, RV, off-grid, or homesteading adventure.

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Choose either one Dutrion Tablet 4-gram foil pouch with 60 tablets – or – 5 foil pouches in a Pail for a total of 300 4-gram tablets.

It is a quick, convenient Virucide when used with our 32 oz Refillable Spray Bottle.
As a water treatment, our 4-gram Dutrion Tablet rapidly sanitizes water at 1 ppm.
Or as a disinfectant, each tablet makes 1 gallon of disinfectant in short order!
You get to choose how to use it; water treatment, virucide, disinfectant, you can choose all 3!

What’s in the foil pouch:
- 1 Foil pouch with 60x 4-gram tablets.
- Instructions for use

What’s in the Pail:
- 5 Foil pouches with 300x 4-gram tablets in total.
- Instructions for use

Benefits of Dutrion Tablet:
- Be prepared. With a long shelf life, 4-gram tablet is ready when you are.
- Affordable virucide, water treatment and surface disinfection for off-grid, homesteading, emergencies, camping, RV, backyard chickens, their friends and more.
- For disinfection, algaecide, fungistat, and deodorizer, fill Dutrion 32 oz refillable spray bottle with water and add one 1-gram tablet to the water, wait 2 minutes and it’s ready.
- Compact and eco-friendly

Also available in bulk case

Product # DIP-04S-6P

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Individual Foil, Full Pail (5 Foils)

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